Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For Tatum's first birthday we bought a bubble machine and it scared her... I recently decided to get it out again and she loves it! Her vocabulary is exploding now that she has reached the 18month mark. She loves saying "apples"... any unidentified fruit is an "apple" and she says "bubbles" just the same, so its hard to know if she wants to eat an apple or play with bubbles ... It's clear when she points to the machine and throws a tantrum for them.
Lovin the pigtails! I'm so glad her hair is growing!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time is Flyin'

Tatum decided to draw on her face with the pen. She's been trying all sorts of things lately: my patience :), climbing on everything like the chairs and the table, putting on everyones shoes. She is good at repeating almost any words- her vocabulary is definitely expanding. She's even learning names. She can say Alli and Kylie , gigi, pop pop, and she yells BEAUUUUU around the house just like mommy:) Its hilarious!

I will be 25 weeks tomorrow...this is the last pic i took though...its been a few weeks. I'm really starting to feel it now, not very comfortable. Can't believe we will have 2 of these crazy girls soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Beau finally came home to me after his weekend in Music City!

So Beau decides last minute to try out for American Idol in Nashville leaving me no choice but to stay with the little one on my first free weekend when I didn't have to work! Not the smoothest transition for me as I suddenly have all this time on my hands with no husband to spend it with. Thank heaven for the Jumps and the Dansies for keeping me entertained! Taters got to go to the waterpark for the first time and loved it! Here are some pics of Beau's adventure:

This is where the auditions were held

Uuh Huh

Giant guitar with the goods that have come from Nashville

Beaus First time at the Hard Rock Cafe

the first thing he sees... Daves guitar!

lookin good!

His view for about the next 16 hours...

The booths where they had to sing with 3 other people next to them and many more behind them...awkward.

Gettin' a little taste of Nashville before he had to come home

He was said to be a natural rider first time on the horse. Wish I was with him!

Some of the beautiful scenery they went through