Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cleveland Area

Beau had an Ohio project rotation at Metro Health in Cleveland so we stayed with our friends, the Albrechts, for a few days. Tatum and I both enjoyed having some company while Beau was gone and it was nice to be in a new place.

We went to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. Wish it wouldn't have been rainy so we could have seen more of it but it was still fun.

Adrienne, Benson, Taters and I

Me trying to get Tatum to hold the butterfly...

The best I could get was her to let it on her arm.

Warming up to it...

And she likes it...


Cool mom!

This is my excited face!

Still excited...
"K mr. butterfly, lets go on a little stroll... And then later on I'll throw my sippy cup over the edge of this bridge here so that we can't get it back... yup, sounds like a plan."

These big blue butterflies wouldn't land on us like the others did...oh well.

Adrienne and Benson, same room the butterflies were in.

We also visited the Natural History Museum (I believe it was called). There were still life exhibits and real life as well. I thought these raccoons were cute.

We went to the Farm Park in Kirtland. I wish I got a picture of her petting the horse but I didn' she is with the bunnies.

and a big pig...

and milking the cow... well, she only pet the leg.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Football Season Is Here!

I made Tatum her own baby buckeye bracelet... here are some pics of her showing it off :) I told her to put her hand by her face for the pictures.

And here I am at 33 weeks. Can't believe how close we are to having 2 kids! We're finally getting the room ready.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


We made one last trip to California for the summer to go to Shae's Wedding... and also get a little family time and career searchin in as well.

Gigi and Taters... morning goddesses
Just couldn't bare to see that old tree go completely.

Playing with her Sutt Sutt

Have you ever seen such a beautiful flower girl!? Love her!

I got a picture of Olive much do I get for this... I'll start the bidding at $20.

Beautiful Shae on her wedding day.

All tuckered out from the morning in Sacramento. They're trying to conserve some energy for the reception later.
Reading with her Grammy.

Love you Gram!

Grandma giving her grandkids popcorn...somethings never change :)

Grammy accomplished a difficult task with ease.
Tate's Nest

Love the glasses Grandpa :) Tickling his grandkids...again, some things never change.

Swingin with "Tutton" at the Gridley Park

Sutton "Ditch Dragging" as we decided to call it.... Beaus pulling him on a wakeboard through a farmers irrigation ditch in Gridley. Just a random idea him and Beau decided to try out. And surprisingly it worked perfectly on the 1st shot! The good 'ol Volvo's still got it!

Beau's turn!

My mom with her good friends since high school. They are awesome. We got to spend our last 2 days with them and they gave us a good taste of Redding.