Sunday, October 17, 2010

Decided to try on Tate's halloween costume- little Alice in Wonderland! So cute. This wig is hilarious! It was hard to get a picture of her with it on. Here's the finished product of Beau's changing table/dresser addition with its Anthropology inspired door. Love it! Great job Beau... it took a lot of time on the scroll saw and sanding.

this ones my fave :)

sooo pretty!

"get me outa here!"... she looks like a doll

I finally was able to unpack some clothes for Remi, and put them in her new drawers. Eventually he'll probably make another addition for the other side too

gave it an antiqued finish

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October... things are still growing.

Of all the seeds we planted, we got one successful carrot! Yay!

I know we need a new camera...all our pictures look hazy. This was my 36 week shot, I'll be 37 on monday and will have another doc appointment then, so we'll see if anything has changed. This week I was focused on lots of our church talks and Tatum's Halloween costume and other projects and things, but hopefully I will get everything ready for Remi by the time she gets here. Can't believe how soon it is coming! If it goes like last time she'd be coming on thursday- yikes! I will have to post pics of Tate in her alice in wonderland costume and of beaus dresser addition, we finished both at midnight last night:)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Lynd Farm

I am really excited about fall this year! For no particular reason... I usually don't like it because it just reminds me that winter is on its way, but for some reason that's not on my mind as much and I'm just really enjoying it. It's such a beautiful season, especially here in Ohio. The weather is just perfect, and its actually fun to put on pants and sweaters again for a while...which of coarse gets old by winter time. I love the colors and the pumpkins and the smells. So I was really happy when Beau told me he didn't have school today because we went to the Lynd farm and got to pick apples and asian pears and pumpkins... everything I've been wanting to do! It was a good time.

Beau picking some asian pears- Yum!

Me picking apples

Tatum found one just her size all on her own... off the ground- yum yum

This was hilarious. We let Tatum go on a bucket ride thinking this guy was just gonna go on some circles and he just took off through the corn maze out of sight and all over the place for like a 10 minute ride. Luckily they were all still in their buckets when he got back. Some of our friends happened to be there as well and we were all freaking out that they were gonna fall out or was pretty funny, quite a ride for only $2 .

Taters with Heather and Brittany's girls behind her

Little munchkin

"How bout this one?"

"I'm so cute"

balance...master the pumpkin