Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tatum's 2nd Birthday Party!

We celebrated Tatum's Birthday on Saturday and had some friends over for a Sesame Street inspired party. The Beckstroms (minus Lacey :(, she had to work), Dansies, Jumps and Muirs.(I would have posted more pics of everyone that was there but the photos weren't the greatest).
The older she gets the more she seems to enjoy things, it makes it fun cause I can actually get her things I know she will like. Princesses and Sesame Street are her favorites!
Got my boots on and I'm ready to PARTY!!!

Birthday girl!

Davis was very excited about his gift for Tatum... a colored hard boiled egg with white printer paper for the tissue paper in a Victorias Secret Bag. Thank you Davis, you shouldn't have! :)

lame of me to post, but I was very excited about fruity ice cubes. They were delicious in Sprite.

Elmo and Cookie Monster cake pops

My favorite picture

blow out the candles... "fffffffffuff"

"C is for cookie... that's good enough for me"

Pinata: "Big- Duh" as Taters calls him

It didn't fall out like it was supposed to so we had to give it a little shake... oh well. That's what we get for not testing it first. At least no one cried like last year :)

what could it be?

Excited about her first present... her princess potty!

had to try it out :)

Coloring Table

Remi just enjoying herself

Alli found all the elmo's

my cuties!

Friday, January 7, 2011

daddy's girls

Remi and Tatum
Tatum likes to wake up before we do...

Beau at his best :)

My girls in their holiday dresses