Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tatum's 3rd Birthday Party...Horton Hears a Who

Im 3!

Im 3!!

I'm 3!!!

Pin The Speck on the Flower...

pull string pinata

dr.seaus pencils!

oooh! a soft pillow!

Happy Birthday to Tatum! Happy Birthday to You!

eatin her cake ball and reading her new disney princess book

coloring some Horton Hears a Who pictures


both girls in their bday crowns

Tatum's 3rd Birthday Party

The Details

The Birthday Girl

Back view of her crown

Flower/Speck cake balls (compliments of Auntie Terra and Gram)

Green Eggs and Ham (compliments of Grammy)

Hop on Pop

Happy Birthday To You

The Birthday Crown, flower scepter, and Presents (compliments of Gigi)

Gigi's card. so cute.

The Hunter vs Scott Wrestling Rematch

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gram's house and Russian sniper shootin'... a good way to spend a Saturday.

picking Beau up from a guys activity at the shooting range... thought I'd just show 'em how its done a few times before I left... Lets just say they were short a few targets to aim for when I was done :)

Lookin good!

I love this place!
My Grandma and Grandpas house.

Love this girl!

"a cement block! yay! we're so excited!"... just kidding, they're laughing at Beau.

we enjoyed a little nature walk around grandma's property... and the neighbors property.

Swinging on the same swing set I swung on as a kid...and my dad swung on as a kid.