Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Little Girl Is 6 Months Old!

Laying on mommy's old blanket

Right after she rolled over for the first time

Beau's Deck Project

Little Trooper- she sleeps through power tools

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July in San Francisco

Surprise run in with my aunt, uncle and cousins in san fran.


me and olive

Beau and Tatum... I think she's having fun

Down by the beach with the band playing- people waiting to watch the fireworks

By the mermaid "lactation fountain" near Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory

Half Moon Bay

Kaylee and Olive should be in this pic too, but Olive wasn't feelin' it

Little North Fork

Our secret hike, swim, and jump spot in Nor Cal

Contemplating the jump... It's a lot higher than it looks

executing the jump...I decided I had done this jump once before so I'd call it good, but I never got a picture of it so I had to do it one more time! (It looks like indiana jones walking on air).

swimming down the river after the 2nd jump. The hole we're climbing out of was a perfect circle and so deep Shae couldn't touch the bottom.


Auntie Claira


Great Grandparents

Great Grandma Marian

5 Generation pic (Tatum's Great Grandma Jean, Grammy, Great Great Grandma Varney, and Mommy)
Taking her traditional family pic in a 130 yr old dress and chair.  The dress was originally my Great Gram Varney's father's dress. All of us have taken our pictures in it.

She felt like touching her head to her toes

Photos by Kacey Bassett